Acid Hydrus MF125RMS
Acid Hydrus is the bey of Rage Xes who is a minion of Hack Xes and therefore is under the control of Cosmic Apus 125MWR and kills anyone who loses to it. It is an attack beyblade but acts like a defense beyblade.

Facebolt: Hydrus

the Face depicts Hydrus the largest constellation in the sky, it looks like a serpent with seven heads

Energy Ring: Hydrus

Hydrus has a jagged design like shaped like seven dragon heads. It is only compatible with the Acid wheel.

Fusion Wheel: Acid

It has seven prongs that look like the lower jaw of a dragon. It is only compatible with the Hydrus ring.

Spin Track: Metal Fang 125

It is similar to the Claw 145 track. It has 7 fangs on it made of metal.

Performance Tip: Rubber Metal Spike

It is like the R2F tip with seven star spikes around a metal spike.


King Fang: Slams spin track into opposing Bey.

Neutral Booster: Cannibalises its stats taking from where not needed and adding to where needed.

Metal Spike Rage: Smash's down onto opponents bey.

Special Move

Acid Fang: 6 of its heads ensnare the opposing bey while the 7th eats the opposing bey.


Attack: 6
Defense: 5
Speed: 6
Endurance: 7
Balance: 7
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