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Allan Kurogami is one main protagonists of Beyblade Lego Power Strike in the Beyblade Lego Power series. He owns and battles with his partner, Shield Awestriker.



Allan is a tall, fair skinned man with medium blonde hair and redish back eyes. His attire consists of a tan sweatshirt with light brown borders on the sleeves and a symbol, a white vest, a white belt with light brown studs and buckle with a silver border, and tan cackys with a pair of light brown shoes.


During his time in the Wonder League, Allan appeared kind and self-reliant. He is shown to be calm, and yet seems to possess an evil presence radiating from him and his Bey, Shield Awestriker.


Special Moves


Beyblade Lego Power Strike
Opponent Episode Result
Lance 8 Win (2-1)
Suymie Acen 9 Lose
Jek Corimi 10 - 11 Lose (1-4)


Evan Asagi

Allan's closest friend.

Jek Corimi

Allan's second closest friend.

Emily Krystle

(When they were younger)