Amaterasu Spread Claw
Pre-Evolution Sol Amaterasu 230BWD
Evolution N/A
Owner Kaiga Zabuko
Launcher Burst Launcher (Peacemillion Ver.)

Energy Layer: Amaterasu
Amaterasu depicts the Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu. Amaterasu takes the form of rays of light, extending outwards from the image of an angelic Amaterasu in the middle of the Energy Layer. Amaterasu is coloured white, red, and gold. Amaterasu contains a reflection system, absorbing light from the stadium, and refracting it many times to increase the amount, before storing it within the layer for later use.
Forge Disc: Spread
Spread is a rare defense-type Forge Disc, it has a mechanism inside that allows the Forge Disk to expand, increasing the defensive ability of the bey, while this mechanism is active, it also causes energy to flow out of the gaps in the Forge Disc in the form of a defensive barrier. Amaterasu's version is painted gold.
Performance Tip: Claw
Claw has a set of 3 claws which expand out from the Performance Tip, these have strong attack potential, while also strong defensive potential, as they stop the opposing bey from being able to hit the Performance Tip. Claw contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. Amaterasu's version of Claw is red.

Blinding Light: Amaterasu uses the energy generated by the bey to create a series of illusions of Amaterasu itself, sending them across the stadium to confuse to opponent.

Ray of Hope: Amaterasu uses the energy from its generator to create a barrier of light around itself, which acts as a shield from attacks from the opposing bey.

Sunbeam: Amaterasu uses the energy from its generator to create a beam of light connecting it to the opposing bey, as they are connected, Amaterasu smashes it into the stadium walls while it is unable to escape.

Special Move
Ōhirume-no-muchi-no-kami: Amaterasu fills the stadium with blinding light as it rises out of the bey, sitting in the clouds, it throws rays of light at the opposing bey, imprisoning it in a cage of light, which, if the opposing bey hits the edges of, can cause severe damage.

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