Atem Heru VII (Also Known as Hiro Adams) is the leader of Team Millennium Fang. He posses Cursed Prophet D125MF.
Atem Heru
Atem Heru
Also known as: Hiro Adams
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Cursed Prophet D125MF
Gender: Male
Race: Egyptian
Age: 16
Hair color: Blonde and Black
Eye color: Hazel
Family: Atem Heru VI (Father)
Friends: None Confirmed
Enemies: None Confirmed
Occupation: Heir to the Eyptian Throne
Quote: ""Your Move""
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: To Be Announced


Atem enters the WBBA World Tourdament under the alias Hiro Adams so he is not recognized as the heir to the Egyptian throne. He is a very skilled blader but was unable to qualify when he was under watch by his gaurds. In the middle of the night he snuck out of his quarters and was able to qualify to represent Egypt as the team leader. He immediatly left Egypt and went to America to escape his capture. Atem carries with him the heirloom he earned from being the son of the throne is the pyramid like necklace he wears. This artifact allows him to communicate with the spirits that roam the earth including the beast that dwells within his beyblade. Atem also holds one of the seven pieces of the forbidden one and is was chosen as its guardian, the chestplate he wears symbolizes this.