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Welcome to Beyblade Fanon, the place where you can create your own original Beyblades, characters, stories, and any other kind of fan created things related to Beyblade.
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The Beyblade Fanon Board or the BFB are the administration of Beyblade Fanon. They will gladly assist you in any way they can, so please contact them if you need any help. These are the administrators:

ReconStrike Commando
Ezio Editore da California

Beyblade: Zero Era

Beyblade Fanon has an official Role-Play series titled, Beyblade: Zero Era! If you like/love role-playing or want to try it out, this series could be just the thing for you. Just contact one of the admins if you want to join.


Feel free to come chat it up with this wiki's members in the Beyblade Fanon chat.

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