the PG logo is shown


Jace : cant lose yet

full power charged up !

Rocky : dont get ahead of your self Jace it was one match




*the main theme plays *

Beyblade Lego Power Gen the movie

let it rip ! 2019

Rocky : b...but how

its shows the Masked Vixin with a upgraded suit

trailer 2

PG logo is shown

Paramount and Disney presents

Jace : Im such a screw up

the Masked Vixin holds up Geo Vixin

Jace : Tightrope luanch

Rocky : Beyblade is coming to a end... we have to save it

the Masked Vixin : Asagi your weak just like your grandpa

Jace : let it rip !

Beyblade Gen the moie

it shows the Masked Vixin's mask shattering

it shows the side of hes face

let it rip ! 2019

final trailer

coming soon !

Full movie

parmount pictures and Disney presents

Beyblade Lego Power Gen the movie

Jace : Grandpa Even what was it like as a blader ?

Even (old ) : well boy there was some hard fights but i fought through them all

Jace : wow your so good Grandpa i wish my Valtryeck would be a Empruim

Jace ( thinking ) : soon my Valtryeck will beat my Grandpa

Even (old ) : boy come come the tournomouent is on the TV

Rocky burst a random bey that is : Elite Shadow 6$ change

Rocky : so who will battle me next

??? : me !

Professer James shows up

Even glares

Profsser James : Heres my beyblade Golden Golem

Rocky : heres mine ! Rock Gigin

both : 3...2...1 let it rip !

Golden Golem goes for the center

Rocky : he got the center before me !

Rocky : uggh no problem Rock smash

Professer James : Golem axe

a great wind makes Professer James almost fall of the stage

the bey avatar are shown battaling

Golden Golems avatar fades to dust and Golden Golem breaks in half

Rocky : I thought you were a challange

?? : battle me ....

the Masked Vixin comes out of the shadows

Rocky : no way its you

Akria : Woah the Masked Vixin is level 5,000 in stats ! he uses the bey Geo Vixin... but my Dragon Slayer can take him down

it shows the masked Xixin bursting Rocky's bey

Jace : im gonna go find that guy... bye grandpa cya !

the Masked Vixin jumps in front of him

Masked Vixin : hmph... out of my way !

Jace : battle valtryeck !

Masked Vixin : fine

Both : 3...2...1 let it rip !

Masked Vixin : Phenoix arrow

Jace : rush lua- *Valtryeck hits the ground and splits in half *

Jace walks home

Jace : Gra- grandpa Evan

Evan : I knew this would happen come come boy

they walk into a giant room with beyblades in cases

they walk to Tightrope Emperium

Evan gets him out of the case and gives it to Jace

Jace : thanks gramps !

??? : Asagi !!!!
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