Beyblade Lego Power Strike
Beyblade Lego Power Strike
Episode Count 52
Original Run BrB
Network(s)  ???
Preceded by Beyblade: Zero Era
Succeeded by Beyblade Lego Power Generations

Beyblade Lego Power Strike is the first season of Beyblade Lego Power, and the twelth season of Beyblade overall. The season has not aired yet.


Evan Asagi, who participated in the Worldwide Championship, was scouted for the prestigious American team Raging Snakes and heads out to America. With their sights set on the world, Evan and his friends begin their challenge for the Wonder League! However, in order to qualify for the Wonder League, they must first win the North American League. Will Evan be able to take Raging Snakes to the Wonder League? And can he defeat the world's strongest Bladers?

Evan's story of fierce battling and growth begins as he sets his sights to the top of the world!


Evan Asagi is a normal blader. He is respected by all his friends and wields his bey for good in BeyLego City. Until a dark blader threatens Evan and his friend's safety. Evan learns to wield divine power, but is it too much? Can he save the world? Evan's adventure with Emperium starts with Episode 1


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Emily Krystle is having a tough time mastering Right Eaglier Verticle Overload, when the strongest blader in BeyLego city shows up, she gets a little nervous and asks for some help and Evan shows her how to hold her launcher and different stances. He walks off and tells her he'll see her soon. Evan shows up in Mrs. Asagi's class and she says that are learning breaks and how to counter them. Evan and Mrs. Asagi start their battle. Emperium rushes to the wall and Evan calls out Crest Break and Mrs. Asagi calls out Supreme Dragon Crunch Emperium hits Awesome Hearintode 3D Comb and it bursts. Evan say, "If you work hard enough, you.could get good like me eventually." Evan heads out of town thinking to himself.

"Evil is to come soon. Beware, The Wicked One."


Character English VA
Evan Asagi Evan Warner
Emily Krystle Sherry Warner
Jek Corimi Evan Warner
Morrow Underworld Evan Warner
Chase Asagi Chase Warner
Kris Deonis Chase Warner
Macy Marrow Evan Warner
Allan Kurogami Evan Warner
Paul Vixile Chase Warner
Sophie Star Sheery Warner
Clara Barnes Sherry Warner
Danny Sauncho Evan Warner
Clay McMorningMcStar Chase Warner
Lance Evan Warner
Roughous Bunny Evan Warner
Vix Baratier Chase Warner
Kai HominhBringer Chase Warner
Jet Burnes Chase Warner
Rachel Guuch Sherry Warner
Brent Asagi Brent Warner
Catty DeLon Sherry Warner
ReQuin Evan Warner
Shmebzy McNuggetMcBurger Evan Warner
Honey Asagi Sherry Warner
Kevin Baratier Evan Warner
Nate Tarver Chase Warner
Suymie Acen Kryan39204

coolboyXD (japense)

Jacob Acen Kryan39204
Gabby Asagi Evil Emperium (Episodes 16-30)

Sherry Warner (Episodes 31-52)

Enzo Fenice Reco
Star Asagi Kryan


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  • This season may be a reference to Metal Masters, as the main cast partake in Beyblade tournaments on an International level.
    • This season also has elements from Metal Fury, in that the cast receive upgrades/evolutions of their beyblades