Bio turtle
This Bey is owned by Ultrakai himself.

this is this beys beast spirit

Bio turtle history

bio turtle is a defense type. it is said that this bey in the old days knew the secrets of bio tech and used it back in the bey world. But this beys rival fear dracula came,and they battled and bio turtle was thrown into frozen water. he was frozen for 7000 years until somone found him 1 day.

face bolt

the face bolt is a turtles head smiling as you see above.

energy ring

bio is an energy ring that has wires all over it and the color is green. the wires can be placed in different modes. if you put the wires in the air they are in wild crazy mode. if you keep them normal they are in attack mode.

metal wheel

the turtle metal wheel is just basically rock but it has a turtle shell design instead of the rock design. it has tough padings on the sides and it weighs 6 pounds.

spin track

the spin track is like a 105 but it is green it has spikes at the bottom. i call it 105S because of its 105 like track and S because of the spikes

performance tip

its performance tip is U:D or ultimate defence. it can manuever powerful blows. it is very famous for starting weak at the beggining but around the end of the battle go's full power. also this beys performance tip has a hidden spring pad that it uses when it first falls into the stadium as you may call it before the battle it is in "calm mode" and during the battle it is called "spring mode".


it can jump 100 feet high with U:D

in wild crazy mode it can spin super fast but has great defense

it can use U:D to to stand still while the opponent tries to attack it and it is like it is a ghost

signature move

bio shell flash: bio turtle uses his shell and blasts his opponent and breaks whatever part of the bey it hits.

special moves

bio shell: it creates sort of a sheild for the bey and it is made out energy. if the opponent touches it will get blown out of the stadium.