Also known as: BladePhantom
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Crescent Viper L:P
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 15
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue (Mask)
Family: None
Friends: Shadow Maverics
Enemies: Ed, FastBlade, Destin, Hunter, Remiel
Occupation: Leader of the Shadow Maverics
Quote: "I traded my wings for fangs"
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos

BladePhantom (real name currently unknown) is a mysterious masked Blader that wishes to create the "Ultimate Guardian" by absorbing the power of his defeated enemies. He is the leader of the Shadow Maverics.


Bladephantom is a tall 15 year old male and has long blonde hair . He wears a fancy fur laced tank and black leather jeans. He aslo wears his signature jackt which blue and has purple bicept bracelets and fur attachments on his hood and side pockets. BladePhantom is allways seen wearing his trade mark mask which is blue with purple designs amd the eye shines blue from within it.


BladePhantom is a layaid back but very arrogant person. He only cares about his goals and will step on anybody to get them. He is very outgoing always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. His beyblade skills are impecable making him easily one of the best in the universe. BladePhantom has a very laidback personality when bored or not very busy and can be very intelleent when he wants to be.

Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos

BladePhantom debuted in Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos - Chapter 15: Evil's Masquerade. He displayed his power by defeating all three of Sazuke's assasins and indirectly saved Hunter, Ed and Claude from being captured.