Blitz Samurai 105R²F
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Blitz Samurai 105R²F is an attack type beyblade belonging to XXBlitzUnicornoXx.

Blitz Samurai105R²F

Blitz Samurai 105R²F Is A Bey That Was Once Owned By A Samurai 1,000 years Ago , It was used in Wars And Has Never Lost A Battle yet , They say That When The Samurai That owned it Died His Soul Merged With His Beyblade And The Bey Then Tripled In Power , The Bey Then Went to Heaven Waiting for A Strong Willed Blader. The Mystic Samurai Beyblade's Ability's are Countering Attacks , Defending Attacks and Elegantly Slashing The Opponent.

Face Bolt: Samurai

The Samurai Face Bolt is a normal face bolt with a Motif depicting a demon samurai mask/head.

Energy Ring: Samurai

The Samurai Energy Ring is a silver and red wheel that has three different notches seperated by three indents made to look like a katana slashing. This design is used to bounce air off of it while spinning and make a deadly blade in the air while spinning.

Fusion Wheel: Blitz

Blitz has a striking resemblance to the Dark Fusion Wheel with spikes around the Wheel. It has two modes, "Assault Attack Mode" in which the protrusions on one side turn into one big wing and "Barrage Attack Mode" where as the wings are separated. While in Assualt Mode the air blades released are more rapid and weaker but while in Barrage attack mode the waves are more condesenced and less in number.

Spin Track: 105

The Spin Track 105 is customized to help the beyblade spin faster and release stronger waves. It does this by allowing the shaft between it and the fusion wheel to spin faster by reducing its sturdyness.

Performance Tip: Right Rubber Flat (R2F/R²F)

Right Rubber Flat (R2F/R²F) is an upgrade of Rubber Flat. While retaining the same basic appearance, the tip, instead of being flat, has six curves going in a rightward motion, giving it a star-like shape. This provides the Beyblade with fast and more aggresive motion than Rubber Flat. It also has more friction on the stadium floor than RF causing Blitz Samurai to move faster and create more blade waves.

Blitz Samurai 105R²F Stats

Blitz Samurai 105R²F's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
115 70 88 130 90

Special Move(s)

Wind Slashing Destruction.