Buster Peacock 100RF
Facebolt: Peacock Re-Quip: Tail Stare
The Face Bolt depicts "Pavo", one of the 88 constellations in space. Pavo is Latin and Spanish for "Peacock" and is represented as such. It depicts the tail feathers of a Peacock, it is green on a blue background. This Re-Quip goes around the Spin Track, it is a set of blades shaped like the tail feathers of a Peacock.
Energy Ring: Peacock Fusion Wheel: Buster
This Energy Ring is quite detail, it is the design of two fanning peacock tails. It is blue, with a metallic green sheen. This Fusion Wheel is quite detailed, it has three wings, which are quite jagged, and useful for smash attack, it is green.
Spin Track: 100 Performance Tip: Rubber Flat
A basic spin track at 100 height, it is blue A basic RF tip, it is good for attack, it is blue with green rubber.

Buster Peacock 100RF
Rainbow Flapping: Peacock creates a rainbow wave of energy that expands around itself.

Strelitzia: Peacock coats its Fusion Wheel in energy for better slicing power.

Peahen's Assistance: Peacock fires a barrage of energy at its opponent.

Special Move

Energy Buster: The beast from Peacock rises out of the bey, it flies down and devours the opponents bey in its beak.

Buster Peacock 100RF
Attributional Information
Level: Type:
Battle Record
Wins Loses
Number: 0 Number:0
Percentile: 0% Percentile: 0%
Attack: 20
Defense: 14
Speed: 18
Endurance: 17
Balance: 20
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: {{{Influence}}}

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