Byakko Valor Edge
Pre-Evolution N/A
Evolution N/A
Owner Destan
Launcher Burst Launcher (Peacemillion Ver.)

Energy Layer: Byakko
Byakko depicts Byakko, the White Tiger of the West, it is blue and silver, with icey-blue accents. The Energy Layer is in the shape of a roaring tiger, mouth open, containing the element, with the two blade "wings" either side of its face forming sharp edges. The part has a pseudo-generator inside it, which is powered by the generator contained inside the Performance Tip, this second generator is used to give the bey more velocity, as it allows for a higher rate of energy generation.
Forge Disc: Valor
Valor is a Forge Disc made of two parts, and is capable of changing modes, the basic mode being Stamina Mode. The first part forms the main section of the disc, similar to Aero in shape, it has 8 small wings, that allow the bey to control the wind around it to increase it speed. The second part is a movable barrier, which normally sits around the Performance Tip, it can change to Defense Mode, moving upwards to cover the upper part of the Forge Disc, creating a shield of air around the bey as it is channel through the wings. It is painted blue and icey-blue, with silver highlights.
Performance Tip: Edge
Edge is a custom Performance Tip, similar to the Spike Performance Tip, it has two major differences. The first is the addition of the wings vents, which vent excess electricity, but can also be used for greater attacking power. The second difference is that the tip portion of the Performance Tip is made from metal, which is where the name Edge comes from. It contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. The Performance Tip has silver metal, while the plastic is blue.

Frozen Steel Cyclone: Byakko uses the energy generated by the bey, along with wind generated in Stamina Mode to create a whirlwind around itself of subzero air, freezing all moisture around it and sucking it into the whirlwind. Byakko launches itself into the air, raining shards of ice onto the opposing bey, before Byakko strikes it with the blades on its Energy Layer.

Blizzard Barrier: Byakko uses the energy generated by the bey, along with wind generated in Defense Mode to create a sphere of ice around it, the parts of which breaks into shards when struck by the opponent, these shards fired at the opposing bey by the force of the wind escaping.

Byakko Boost: Byakko uses the energy generated by the bey, switching its Forge Disc between modes rapidly, this gives Byakko a stamina increase as it channels wind around itself, while also creating a fog in the arena to obstruct the opposing blader's view of the battle.

Special Move
Silver Storm of Byakko: A large cloud forms over the arena, raining hail on the opposing bey as it does, the spirit of Byakko pounces out of the cloud, slicing the opposing bey with the blades on its back, before returning to bey form, channelling the fallen hail around it, firing it at the opposing bey.

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