this is gingkas main peagasus before comet pegasis

The adventures of the metal battlers

warning: i get a little coo coo in my stories so be very calm while reading or you may faint, scream, etc. enjoy!

one day gingka was walking in the park and battling people with his big bang pegasus and he ran into kenta.
Beyblade Metal Masters Ending Song HD

Beyblade Metal Masters Ending Song HD


gingka! said kenta. you should see this gingka,said kenta.

gingka ran with kenta and they found a bey stuck in the ground. kenta tried to pull it out but the bey just zapped kenta. then gingka wanted to try so he pulled out the bey and it didnt zapp him. XD gingka saw a pegasus energy ring so they called him comet pegasus. madoka runs over and asks gingka if hes ok and he said that he was fine.

gingka saw kyoya and kyoya asked what new bey that was. gingka said that it was comet peagasus. kyoya ANNOYED gingya by asking him if he could rip his bey. gingka said no and then kyoya challenged gingka to a battle. ginka didnt know how to use comet pegasus but he said it would be a good test. THREE TWO ONE LET IT RIP!!!!! gingka and kyoya battled and gingka said a random move: pegasus fart attack!!!! pegasus farted on fang leone and gingka won!!!! gingka wanted know pegasuses real attack so he went to a bey geek and the bey geek said, -coughs- do -spits- you -spits- want to -spits- -spits- know -spits- what -spits- your -spits- beys -spits- gingka then got soaked in spit and gingka slapped him. gingka said will you tell me or not! so that day the geek told gingka what his power was. that night gingka went to the park and stared at the sky. gingka fell asleep but 1 hr later he was woken up by none other than the evil dude that is ryuga!!!!!! ryuga told gingka to battle him because he knew about gingkas new bey. ryuga had just watched starwars while he was drunk so thats why ryuga was soundin weird. gingka quikly got up and started thheir battle. ThReE tWo OnE let it rip!!!!!!!!!! gingka used his farting attack and l drago lost a lot of stamina. destroy l drago used his drunk attlack and damaged pegasus alot. pegaus then used his real attack:star explosion! pegasus blew up l drago. ryuga then decided to jump in a volcano which suprisingly, he survived and he trained his bey in the volcano. gingka thinking ryuga is dead jumps into the volcano in an attempt to rescue him. p.s. kids dont try this at home or anywhere.

anyway gingka survived and saw ryuga gyngka was glad t see ryuga alive so he climbed out of the volcano. gingka told his freinds and they had a party. gingka not knowing madokas secret of having a crush on him ask her to dance. she blushes then she decides to dance. gingka reached for his comet pegasus but relized that he had gone back to outer space where he came from. gingka cried but his dad came and comforted him. deep in the volcano l drago still thinking that comet pegasus is still with gingka transforms into volcanus l drago.
320px-Dark Leopard MS 3-4 view.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

extra notes:

howd you like it?

ill start working on part 2 of my series!!!!!

as always..........3....... 2........1............LET IT RIP!!!!!!

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