Biographical information
Aliases Catherine Stahlbaum
Gender Female
Age 17
Past Beyblade(s) None
Current Beyblade(s) Valkyrie Knuckle Revolve
Friends Isolde


Lin Menghu

Occupation(s) Student/Model
Behind the scenes

Catherine is a student at Peacemillion Academy, the most prestigious school for bladers in the world.



Catherine is a voluptuous girl of average height, she has midnight blue eyes and ginger hair, which she ties up in a french braid, leaving the top and fringe loose, a popular style among girls at the time.

She can often be seen wearing her school uniform with a pale green vest over the top, otherwise she changes outfit often as she is given much free clothing due to her job as a model.


Catherine has a highly competitive nature, instilled in her by her mother, that she tries hard to suppress, however it often comes out, especially when she is blading. Catherine is quite elegant, however she is friendly, leading her to become the most popular girl at Peacemillion Academy.


Catherine battles with the Defence-type burst bey, Valkyrie Knuckle Revolve.


Catherine's parents separated when she was a very young child, her mother is a high-profile television presenter, and her father is an actor. Catherine was raised entirely by her mother, who got her into into the world of modelling, however Catherine's real passion was blading, and she trained every chance she got, entering and winning second-place in a U-18's World Championship, losing to Isolde, her friend and classmate at Peacemillion Academy.

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