Biographical information
Gender Male
Age 14
Past Beyblade(s) None
Current Beyblade(s) Peacock Aero Xtreme
Relatives Valentina - Aunt

Renaud - Uncle

Frosina - Aunt

Inkrid - Aunt

Emile-Lucien - Cousin

Angus - Father

Céleste - Mother

Isolde - Older Sister

Sanakami Rekka - Adopted Older Brother

Sanakami Ru - Adopted Older Sister

Friends Destan
Occupation(s) Student
Behind the scenes
User Reco

Cherrosée Lunefleur is a student at Peacemillion Academy, the most prestigious school for bladers in the world.



Cherrosée is a boy of medium height and slim build, he has soft purple-blue eyes, and pale purple hair, which he inherited from his mother, a feature unique to the Lunefleur family, he has a long fringe, which he lets fall in his face to hide it.

Cherrosée can often be seen wearing a Peacemillion Academy male uniform with the shirt unbuttoned slightly, when not wearing this he changes clothes often, due to being very rich.


Cherrosée has a strained relationship with his family, in particular his mother and father, whom he feels like he is letting down by being a poor blader. Outside of his family problems, Cherrosée is a kind, but shy boy, who often hides, reading books on politics and the Dark History.

Cherrosée is a very poor blader, unlike the rest of his family, and has the ability to sense beyspirits.


Cherrosée battles with Peacock Aero Xtreme, a strong Attack-type beyblade that was given to him by his father, based on his mother's bey.


Cherrosée was born to Angus, the 10-times World Champion, and Céleste, a World Champion blader, Knight of Concord, and member of the House of Lunefleur, one of the most powerful beyblading families in the world. He has an older sister, Isolde, U-18's world champion, and successful teenage model.

Cherrosée has little talent in beyblading, however his is very interested in politics, often accompanying his uncle to summits and such. Cherrosée is currently a student at the Peacemillion Academy, the most prestigious beyblading school in the world, where he is an unpopular student, despite his heritage, and his sister often has to help him out.

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