Biographical information
Aliases Clémentine Cimevert
Gender Female
Age 16
Current Beyblade(s) Anubis Nine Gyro
Relatives Estelle - Mother

Pierre -Father

Friends Lin Menghu



Occupation(s) Student
Behind the scenes

Clémentine is a student at Peacemillion Academy, the most prestigious school for bladers in the world.


Clémentine is a girl with deep blue eyes, she has Persian Green hair, which she inherited from her father, that she ties up in bunches, leaving her fringe loose, a popular style among girls at the time.


Clémentine has a reserved and intellectual nature, preferring to spend her time researching beyblading techniques than hanging out with her friends. Clémentine isn't unfriendly, however is quite introverted and anxious, preferring to hang out if Isolde, her childhood friend, is there.


Clémentine battles with Anubis Nine Gyro, a strong Balance-type beyblade, given to her by her father, a Burst version of a basic WBBA agent bey.


Clémentine is the daughter of Pierre, the president of the WBBA, and Estelle, an eminent WBBA agent. She grew up alongside Isolde, their parents being friends. Clémentine has published a research paper on beyblading techniques of the Rebuild Period, earning herself a strong reputation in the academic community. Clémentine attends Peacemillion Academy alongside Isolde.

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