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Claude Byakuran
Also known as: Ryu Takashii
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Dark Leopard MS,Ebony Nargacuga
Gender: Male
Race: North East African
Age: 16
Hair color: Pitch Black
Eye color: Red(the entire eye also becomes red when in rage)
Family: Parents which past away
Friends: no one
Enemies: unknown
Occupation: Beyblader


Quote: "'Stealth is my Wealth'

"Ninjas are never seen nor heard"

 "hmph"-most frequently used."
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: August 5, 2011

Cluade Burakkumun

Cluade Burakkumun is a very crafty blader who Resembles Tsubasa Otori in many ways he triumphs with his bey dark leopard ms which he won from ozuma. Cluades original bey was Jiraya MS given by his father who past away when Cluade was young. Before Cluade went on to blading his dad taught him all sorts of ninjutsu he still practices it but he practices less often since hes a blader. Cluade's bit beast Dark Leopard.


Cluade Is cold like Kai hiwatari,cunning like Tubasa Otori,and aggresive like Ozuma.He ussualy spends time breaking beyblades of opponents that challenge him.If he is not doing that he pratices ninjutsu.Cluade Rarely smiles just like Kai .He is always alone and does not like socilaizing .


Cluade has black long hair dark skin tone smiliar to King in Beyblade V-force.His eyes seem to be half open and he looks a though he is angry at someone or thing.His eyes are blood red that glow bright red when in rage (this is smiliar to a monster in a video game series call Monster Hunter) and are also slitted like the eyes of a cat .He wears a long red scarf that is heavy and a tight sleeveless black shirt trimed red.He wears baggy brown pants with a black belt and black shoes.He carries a series of shurenkens(a ninja star shaped wepeon)strapped on his back and yes,he is a ninja.The narga theme plays whenever Cluade appears.Cluade Has the same voice as Tubasa Otori.He also has something like a dark side but he calls it "Bit-Beast Possesion".Bit Beast Possesion is when Cluade's Barrakumun is losing a match an then suddenly he gains more power .His attributes changes as well .Here are the followng changes of Cluade in Bit Beast Possesion.

  • His eyes glow bright red
  • He grows sharp fangs
  • His skin tone turns darker
  • His nails sharpens to claws
  • He goes insane
  • He roars like a Nargacuga (from the MH series)
  • He throws his scarf off.
  • And last ,he loses his cool.


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Cluade FTW!!

  • Like Kai from the original series of beyblade .Cluade's scarf is heavy and he takes it of f when h e is battling tough opponents.
  • Dispite the cunning guy attitude .Cluade is scared of insects.
  • Tyson who practices kendo at home .Cluade does the opposite he practices ninjutsu.
  • Cluade's luancher is shaped as a kunai .He also has alot of stealth weapons at home.
  • Cluade resembles Tsubasa by having long hair and tan skin.
  • Cluade is very skilled in acrobatics .
  • Cluade has a major grudge on Ginka he thinks he is champion for no good reason.Which is not true.
  • Cluade is a ninja
  • Cluade is related to Akyulus from bdaman ,however,he does not know him.You can tell by both of them being ninjas,both having tan skin and both having stealthy atrributes .
  • Cluade seems to like cats.
  • Cluade Has a Borther Name Clyde which will soon be introduced in the fanon in March.
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Dark leopard Claude's Bit beast