Cosmic Apus S125MWR

Cosmic Apus S125MWR is a stamina type beyblade and is used and owned by ReconStrike Commando. It evolves Shooting Star Apus MRF:S

Facebolt: Apus

This facebolt is white with a blue bird's head side-on with and a crest with 'APUS' written on it in red text.

Energy Ring: Apus

Its a solid light blue ring that can only be used with the Cosmic metal wheel, it is similar to the Legend Cyber Pegasus ring, it has 2 notches to hold in the non-free spinning bit of the Cosmic Wheel so the rest can be free spinning.

Fusion Wheel: Cosmic

It is similar to the Hades wheel except it is smoother and is a tiny bit smaller, it has two prongs which fit into the notches on the Apus ring so part of it will still be able to smash other beys the rest of the ring is free spinnig and very light but still very powerful, this is so that when apus jumps it is like a helicopter.

Spin Track: Spring 125

This spin track is only compatible with the MWR performance tip, it contains an internalised sping so that the bey can jump to incredible heights the spring is attached to the spike of MWR which is why it can jump with little to no stamina loss due to the tip retracting into the spin track leaving the rubber shock-absorber only.

Performance tip: Metal Wide Rubber

It is a a MS tip with rubber surrounding the spike making it look like a WD. It is designed for jumping and little stamina loss while doing so. The Metal spike is attatched to the spring of the S125 track which is why it can jump with little to no stamina loss because the spike goes into the track leaving the rubber shock-absorber only.


Spinning Nova: Apus hit's bey with the free spinning part of the wheel.

Counter Buster: Apus counters the attack then jumps on the opposing bey.

Pulsar Blast: Apus jumps and smashes the performance tip into the opposing beys facebolt.

Paradise Wing: Apus jumps on the opponents bey and smashes it into a wall.

Shooting Star: Apus jumps into the air and flips its self upside down and smashes the opposing bey with its energy ring.

Special Move

Cosmic Apus Reign of Destruction/CAROD- Massive explosion like a supernova comes out of apus.

Cosmic Apus Shooting Star/CASS- Apus release's increasingly powerful waves of explosive energy.

Cosmic Apus S125MWR's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
70 50 50 145 70