Biographical information
Gender Male
Age 17
Current Beyblade(s) Diamond Freeze Dracionis
Friends Psyra
Occupation(s) Blader
Behind the scenes
User Crash Leone

Dalon is a blader and owner of Diamond Freeze Dracionis.


Dalon is a relatively tall slim built 17 year old with peircing eyes and jet black hair. He always has his sword with him no matter where he goes, and he carries on his back strapped to a harness. His attire consist of a black robe that conceals a black shirt and a pair of black pants fastened with a black belt that has silver lining all the way around, also he wears a pair of black combat boots with buckles.


Dalon is a very mysterious person and not much is known about him. He is quite serious and doesnt like to joke around much he likes to focus on his goal and that is to be the best in the world. He is rarely seen smiling and if he is it is for a short period of time. His origin and whereabouts are unknown hes a fellow who seems to just come and go from time to time.


Dark History

Great War

Dalon entered the world of blading during the time of the war, blading for the first time in a Earth in ruins. He helped battle against the tyrant Gandora with a whole group of amateur bladers in an attempt to defeat him.

World Championship

Dalon returned to the world of blading after being gone for a long time. This time he returned to just watch bladers, although he did create a bey just in case it ever came to the event that he needed to battle. Dalon disappeared again though, travelling to the second plain of existence.

New Era

Dalon now has returned to the main plain of existence with a new bey, Diamond Freeze Dracionis.

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