Dark Leopard MS
Dark Leopard
Dark Leopard MS is a Balance type beyblade.

This bey is preceded by Ebony Nargacuga


This Beyblade was a gift from Cluade's dead father(sensei)

Bit Protector:Dark Leopard

Depicts a Panther. It is the same beast bit -beast in flash leopard but the fire being extinquish and replace with yellow blades.

Attack Ring:Smash Leopard

An attack ring meant for smash attack .It Includes metal and some plastic this ring is also has great defence abilities .

Weight Disk:Needle Attacker

This weight disk can steal spin and is amazing for attack yet it is light and has some disadvantages like being up against a low beyblade or a one with a great defensive spintrack

Running Core:Tornado Change Core

This core behaves as a stamina at first but after 30 seconds its spin increases and performs a choatic movement.This smiliar to a panther stalking its prey .It waits then later on strikes with pure stealth. It also has a bearing rubber tip that can bounce and make the beyblade jump into the air and off of things.

Special Moves

  • Fullmoon: This move is smilair to flash Leopard's Cross fire but 1000 times stronger
  • Bit-beast unleash: The beast inside the bey gets unleashed.Only works if another bey has a bit beast.


  • This Bey can transfrom to a ninjato(a type of ninja knife)

Dark Leopard MS Stats

Dark Leopard MS's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
60 40 60 70 60