Destruction Anubius EX FP105XF

Destruction Anubius EX FP105XF is a unique bey owned by Manaphy12342. It is an Attack-type, Master Class bey and is currently in it's prototype stage.

Face Bolt: Anubius EX

Anubius EX is an exclusive face bolt with a mythical power. It absorbs power from it's opponents with every blow to power it's Master Move; Judgement of the Brave. It has a exclusive decal.

Energy Ring: Anubius EX

Anubius EX is an exclusive energy ring with a mythical power. Similar to the face bolt, It absorbs power from it's opponents with every blow to power it's other Master Move; Team of Two. It has a exclusive design.

Fusion Wheel: Destruction

Destruction is an exclusive fusion wheel that is in Alpha testing. The wheel was deemed too powerful originally and was banned from all tournaments due to multiple explosions and earthquakes. Galaxy Inc took the Destruction wheel away and modified it to make it more evened out with the competition.

Spin Track: Full Power 105

Full Power 105 is an exclusive spin track. It creates a downforce strong enough to blow beys away when needed. Not much else is known.

Performance Tip: Extreme Flat

Extreme Flat is the only part of the bey that is original. It has a mass power creating rapid speeds. sends them flying upwards.


Destruction Anubius EX FP105XF
Attack Defence Balance Stamina Speed
70 High 40 Low 40 Low 110 Low 50 Moderate

Special Moves

  • Judgement of the Brave - The bey emits a huge blue pulse of light into the sky. The pulse returns and strikes the opponent using a Lightning Cage technique.
  • Team of Two - The Bey, along with it's tag team partner, use each others Aerodynamics to create a speeding Red Bullet that charges into the opponent and sends them flying upwards.