Dragon E. Knight
Dragon E. Knight.jpg
Biographical information
Aliases DK
Gender Male
Age 13
Past Beyblade(s) ERROR - NOT FOUND

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Current Beyblade(s) Huntsman Holle BA145:IS
Relatives Unknown
Friends Des, Byakuya Seivayo, Ryuzaki
Rivals Des
Enemies None "yet"
Occupation(s) Blader
Behind the scenes
User DK

Dragon E. Knight (ドラゴンナイトエドワード, Dragon Edward Knight) is a knight from France who wears ancient dragon armor and possesses mystical power.

He has a lot of honor and has high respect for Beylin Temple. Although he has high respect he does not wish to join the Beylin Temple. He wishes to do his own thing and follow his own path.

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