Dragonisis Preserve Rotate
Pre-Evolution Flooding Yin Dragonisis
Evolution N/A
Owner Hikari
Launcher Burst Launcher (WBBA Ver.)

Energy Layer: Dragonisis
Dragonisis depicts the frozen dragon of Yin energy. Dragonisis's head forms the top part of the Energy Layer, its horns protruding from the top. Dragonisis's spiked shoulders are next to its head, forming powerful protrusions. The bottom of the Layer is Dragonisis's tail, the finned edge creating a jagged side to bey. The base of the layer is identical to that of Dragonshen, its opposite and other half. The part has a pseudo-generator inside it, which is powered by the generator contained inside the Performance Tip, this second generator is used to give the bey more power, as it allows for a higher rate of water generation.
Forge Disc: Preserve
Preserve is a balance-type Forge Disc, and is made of two parts, the Metal Frame, and the Rubber Frame.

Metal Frame: The Metal Frame forms the main portion of the wheel, the outside edges of the wheel are flat and pointed, giving the Forge Disc an 8-sided pattern. The frame is solid, giving the part good attack and defence potential, with any recoil being absorbed by the Rubber Frame. The Metal Frame is white and fuchsia.

Rubber Frame: The Rubber Frame sits inside the Metal Frame, it is used to store energy from the generators, and absorb the recoil from attacks. The impact, combined with the energy stored inside the layer, causes it to multiply, the same effect as the Energy Layer. The Rubber Frame is shaped like four wedges, and is fuchsia in colour.

Performance Tip: Rotate
Rotate is a common stamina-type Performance Tip, The tip is sharp, this giving it focused point, however it can also rotate, greatly reducing the friction between the bey and the stadium. Rotate contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. Dragonisis's version of Rotate is white and fuchsia.

Flooding Dragon: Dragonisis uses the water generated by the bey to create a flood of water that fills the stadium, obscuring the view of the beys in the arena. This flood also reduces the speed an manoeuvrability of the opposing beys.

Waterfall Blockade: Dragonisis uses the water generated by the bey to create a series of water barriers around itself, with an ice barrier between each water barrier, giving Dragonisis an almost impenetrable shield.

Aqua Nightmare: Dragonisis uses the water generated by the bey to create a heavy fog around the arena, this obscures the opposing bey's visibility, and the crystal of the fog negate the energy of its attacks. Dragonisis barrages the opposing bey while it is unable to see or use abilities.

Special Move
Dragon Hurricane: Dragonisis summons a storm, which begins to rain giant hailstones, lightning, and water upon the stadium. The torrent floods the opposing bey with water, stopping it from moving as the hailstones pummel it. The spirit of Dragonisis falls from the sky, breathing a frozen mist around the opposing bey and freezing it solid.

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