Dragonshen Ignite Spike
Pre-Evolution Blazing Yang Dragonshen
Evolution N/A
Owner Kira
Launcher Sword Launcher Kira Ver.

Energy Layer: Dragonshen
Dragonshen depicts the flaming dragon of Yang energy. Dragonshen's head forms the top part of the Energy Layer, its horns protruding from the top. Dragonshen's spiked shoulders are next to its head, forming powerful protrusions. The bottom of the Layer is Dragonshen's tail ignited with flames, the edge of the flame creating a jagged side to bey. The base of the layer is identical to that of Dragonisis, its opposite and other half. The part has a pseudo-generator inside it, which is powered by the generator contained inside the Performance Tip, this second generator is used to give the bey more power, as it allows for a higher rate of flame generation.
Forge Disc: Ignite
Ignite is an attack-type Forge Disc, with two large blades on each side, and two wedge-shaped spikes in the centre. The wedges have channels down the centre, which allows them to channel energy generated by the bey. Dragonshen's version is painted black and red, with teeth carved into the parts that connect the blades to the rest of the part.
Performance Tip: Spike
Spike is a common stamina-type Performance Tip, The tip is sharp, this gives the tip a focused point. Spike contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. Dragonshen's version of Spike is red.

Biting Dragon: Dragonshen uses the flames generated by the bey to create several dragon-shaped pillars of fire that rise out of the bottom of the stadium, circling Dragonshen before attacking the opposing bey, Dragonshen attacking as the tail of the flame-dragons hits the opposing bey.

Burning Rough: Dragonshen uses the heat generated by its generators to heat up the spikes and blades across the bey until they become super-heated, these super-heated spikes and blades can cut through anything they touch, down to even the strongest materials.

Inferno Lair: Dragonshen uses the flames generated by the bey to create a wheel of flames that it surrounds the opposing bey with, while the opposing bey is trapped in this fiery prison, Dragonshen barrages it from all sides.

Special Move
Dragon Firestorm: The spirit of Dragonshen rises into the air, a ring of fire spreading around the stadium as it does. Dragonshen circles the stadium, firing fireballs down at the opposing bey as it does, repeating this several times before Dragonshen flies down and crunching its fiery jaws around the opposing bey.

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