Evan Asagi is a formidable blader, he is known as The Divine Blader, and battles with Gold Emperium 0 Change, which later upgraded with a new tip and a frame. He is the main protagonist of Beyblade Lego Power Strike and he uses divine power which seems to now cause him to be more rude and Emperium to be more powerful. This now gives Emperium a chance to take over Evan's body.

If yo believe in me, we can all win this!


If yō ' re tō much of a coward , get ōt of my way . Yō ' re not brave enōgh to try to battle me , I know yō ' re scared .

If you're too much of a coward, get out of my way. You're not brave enough to try to battle me, I know you're scared.


Evan Asagi
Also Known As Evanyan[1]

The Divine Blader

Jek's apprentice[2]

Gender Male
Beyblade(s) Gold Emperium 0 Change
Gold Emperium 0Slash Arrow[3]
Kylo Jetscreen Switch Overload[4]
Ninja Emperium 34'Katana Reblade
Force Emperium 57Track Laser
Crest Emperium 3'Cycle Divine
Wrath Emperium 3'Equal Energy
Royal Emperium 3'Crown Cape
Blasted Emperium 11Left Respin
Darkness Emperium 23-Strike RingReblast
Star Emperium 3' Respin'
Dark Star Emperium 3'Hole Eclipse
Jungle Emperium 3'Vine Strike
Age 16 (Strike)

33 (Gen)

18 (X)

23 (Crown)

28 (Dragon & Darkness)

30 (Star)

65 (Hyper Steel)

66 (Hyper Steel+)

Hair Color Golden Brown
Eye Color Gold
Family Chase Asagi[5]

Mrs. Asagi[6]

Brent Asagi (Evan's ex-Father)[7]

Gabby Asagi[8]

Star Asagi[9]

Friend(s) Emily Krystle[10]
Danny Sauncho
Clay McMorningMcStar
Allan Kurogami
Jek Corimi
Suymie Acen
Enemy(s) Suymie Acen[11]
Occupation Blader

Leader of Raging Snakes

Motto "Why do you try? You know I'll win anyway."
Behind The Scenes
First Appearance (Anime) The Golden Emperor Rises!
First Appearance (Manga) Beyblade Lego Power the Manga ! : attack ! empruim
User Emp


Evan is a tall, handsome, fair skinned man with short golden brown hair and brown eyes. His attire consists of an emerald sweatshirt with gold borders on the sleeves and a black symbol, a black coat, a gold belt with light green studs and buckle with an emerald-green border, indigo scythe-shaped earrings, and blue jeans with a pair of brown shoes. When he uses the dark power, the sclera of his eyes turns black, his voice becomes a little distorted, and his aura also changes from a golden color to a dark black.


During his time in the Wonder League, Evan appeared introvert and kept to himself. He is shown to be calm and rude at the same time, and seems to possess an evil presence radiating from him and his Bey, Crest Emperium. Due to his connection to his Bey, Evan has a thirst for conflict and destruction, as he watched the battles during the league to see who would be a worthy opponent, even as he destroyed Saul's Beyblade, Emperor Slicor, and broke Kris Deonie's phone as Evan noticed the suspicious things Kris was doing. He also likes to toy with his opponents, as he taunted Allan and promised he'll crush his Beyblade. His dark power has also seemed to now possess Jek Corimi, causing him to be more aggressive, uncaring, arrogant, ruthless, and powerful.





The Movie


Special Moves


Evan Asagi/Special Moves


Evan Asagi/Special Moves/Strike


Beyblade Lego Power Strike
Opponent Episode Result
Honey Asagi 1 Win (2-0)
Danny Sauncho 2 - 3 Win (3-0)
Clay McMorningMcStar 5 Win (2-0)
Emily Krystle 7 Lose (0-1) (Just Training)
Allan Kurogami 8 N/A
Suymie Acen 8 - 9 Lose (2-1)
Jek Corimi (Tag W/ Suymie Acen & Chase Asagi) 10 Lose
Jek Corimi 10 N/A
Xander Ackermann 11 Lose (2-1)
Paul Vixile 14 Win (4-1)
Jek Corimi 16 TBD
Enzo Fenice 18 TBD
Xander Ackermann 19 TBD
Beyblade Lego Power X
Opponent Episode Result
Jek Corimi 15 TBD
Beyblade Hyper Steel
Opponent Episode Result


  • Hi, Emily.
  • Hold your launcher like this.
  • Cya 'round, pumpkin.
  • Hey, mom.
  • Shout it out! Crest Break!
  • Noice battle, mommy, cya later.
  • Hey, I know you're there.
  • Danny, eh? Heard of Mrs. Asagi or Emily Krystle of BeyLego City?
  • Prove yourself!
  • Crest Launch!
  • Allan!! I've missed ya buddy!
  • Don't you dare say the name 'Suymie Acen'!!
  • Jek? Stop hiding!
  • Xander? Nice!
  • Xcalibur with 7 points? This'll be fun!
  • Suymie! Wait up bud!
  • Is he okay?


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Chase Asagi

Chase is Evan's little brother, he is always there with Evan, Evan helps with a lot of stuff. Chase is clumsy and rather annoying. Evan puts up with it and always cares.

Honey Asagi

She is Evan'a teacher, supporter, and mom.

Brent Asagi

Evan's father.

Gabby Asagi

Star Asagi

Allan Kurogami

Evan's closest friend.

Jek Corimi

Evan's second closest friend.


Evan's top supporter.

Morrow Underworlde

Evan's third closest friend.

Emily Krystle

Evan's current girlfriend.

Ginger McGregor

Erica McGregor


  • Evan's english voice actor does a lot of other characters as well.
  • Evan is the first protagonist that owns a defense type.
  • Evan seems to be incredibly powerful, he came the closest to defeating Chase, but never did in Beyblade Lego Power Strike.
  • Like Jek, Evan owns a black level chip.
  • He is the first character in the Lego Power series to have evil power.


  1. A childhood nickname
  2. Evan was Jek's apprentice for awhile
  3. Evan upgraded the originial Emperium with a frame and a new tip.
  4. Evan borrowed Jetscreen for a battle against Enzo Fenice
  5. Evan's younger brother
  6. Evan's mother
  7. Honey broke-up with Brent
  8. Evan's sister
  9. Evan's other brother
  10. Evan's girlfriend in Strike
  11. After being defeated by the young blader, they became close friends