Exia Xiaolong
Exia Xiaolong-0.png
Owner Xiao Des
Launcher Raimuken
Type Speed
Pre-Evolution Dynasty Xiaolong D:L

Exia Xiaolong is a Beyblade owned by Xiao Des. As the 89th Heir to the Xiao Dynasty, Exia Xiaolong was passed down to Des after the Rebirth of the Dragon Lord Ceremony.


Xiaolong is the Guardian Spirit of the Xiao Dynasty, and has been for thousands of years. Every generation, the Emperor of the Xiao Dynasty is required to undergo the Rebirth of the Dragon Lord Ceremony. A special type of life energy called Ryuchi is unique to the bloodline of the Xiao Dynasty. This energy is what allows the Emperor to weild the power of Xiaolong, as well as the Secret Techniques of Bei-Ling. 

The Rebirth of the Dragon Lord Ceremony returns this power to the life-cycle so that the emperor and Xiaolong can be reincarnated to lead the next generation. Sir Des, the 88th Emperor of the Xiao Dynasty used Crimson Xiaolong which evolved into Emperor Xiaolong, and then further evolved into Dynasty Xiaolong. These forms of Xiaolong are widley recongized as it's most powerful reincarnation. 

Sir Des was the first Emperor to discover the Helix Element, and the only person able to properly control it. The Helix Element allows a Xiao Emperor to use Ryuchi in order to create their own variants of the Earth's natural elements. The only known existing remnants of the Helix Element are sealed within Exia Xiaolong. Mastering Helix is the key for the current Heir to reach Exia Xiaolong's maximum potential. 

Exia Xiaolong

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