Firestorm Dragonis F:S

Facebolt: Firestorm

The Face Bolt depicts a four winged Dragon, coming out of a tornado.

Energy Ring: Dragonis

Fusion Wheel: Firestorm

Firestorm has ridges around it along with a fire-like design in the inner part of the Wheel; and four wing-like protrusions as well. One of the best Wheels in terms of Stamina.


The Beast form resembles a four winged dragon, but engulfed in white flames.

Performance Tip: Final Survive

Final Survive acts as HF/S, but it is automatic. At first it acts like Hole Flat and then ends at Sharp when it starts to lose its Stamina. The Final Survive Performance Tip may also cause the Bey to crash on the stadium's ridges so that it could hit the opposing Bey in the middle or anywhere else in the stadium. It has no competitive value because when it changes to sharp mode, it loses its balance very easily due to the high height of the Final Survive. due to this, some people call this tip Final Suicide.