Flooding Yin Dragonisis
Bolt: Yin Dragoness Requip: Isis Agent
The bolt is blue and features the Chinese Symbol for Yin in the center of sinister blue eyes and is encircled by a white lining in the shape of a dragon's tail. This special cone-shaped gear is placed on the tip extending to the bottom of the Beyblade, protecting it and the bottom of the beyblade from all attacks. This cone also doubles as a storage of H2 gas, creating extra H20 when activated when reacting to the O2 in the air.
Crystal Wheel: Flooding Chrome Wheel: Yin Dragoness
White ring formerly shaped as the eternal wings of Isis, now having taken on a dragonic form. An inner set of blue wings add shock absorbency so it can take hits from the side and top with little effect on it's stamina, giving it a high level of defense as well. The wing pattern helps direct the flow of water during abilities and special moves, however these moves are not solely dependent on the wheel and can be carried out by other methods, albeit not as strongly. A deep blue fusion wheel actually made of four wheels. One wheel supports the inner wings of the Crystal wheel to give it more centrifugal force and increase its stamina. The other three are below and are designed form a formidable defense, especially when . These wheels have pointed spikes at the edges to resemble the back of the dragon. They have a pattern cut into it that allows the 4 wheels to become one strong wheel that resembles a dragon's teeth. Water created by the track is transferred here and can be stored and used to increase the centrifugal force.
Spin track: Isis' Spirit 145 Tip: Eternal Dragonic Defense
An outer protective layer shields the inner layer from major damage, protects the outer layer from combustion occurring inside, and provides an increase in balance and stamina.

The inner layer is a complex network of patterns that allow the absorption and channeling of water for abilities and special moves. It also is the control center for the temperature of the bey, using friction from spin and contact from other beys to conduct heat, and the movement of water for cooling. This part can pull water from the air, as well as create it's own water by combining oxygen and hydrogen. The combination of this crucial part with the rest of the bey's design allow the bey to control and direct any water it absorbs or creates.

The tip has amazing stamina and balance in water and is almost as good on land. The extremely durable and noncorrosive alloy of which it's made helps prevent massive wear and dulling of the sharp tip. The tip is most often used for gathering and channeling water up the bey.

Flooding Yin Dragonisis
Syphoned flood - Manipulates the water in the air or around her and utilizes it against her opponents by accumulating the droplets into a continuously growing puddle in the stadium weakening the opponent's stamina and their attacks. Once it is large enough, she can manipulate it to do her bidding. May be combined with other abilities resulting in an even more powerful waterfall barrier or

Waterfall Barrier - Gathers water formed both in and out of itself to surround whatever Dragonisis desires (usually herself) creating a nearly impenetrable defensive barrier.

Steam Nightmare - Uses friction and water to generate steam and reduce visibility and emit a high pitched shrill sound to rattle opposing bladers. The combination of the two may be used to create mirages. While, effectively confusing opponents, exposure to this move for too long also takes a toll on it's owner's wellbeing and therefore generally used as last resort or means of escape.

Special Move

Pounding Storm - Takes water vapor in the air and forms droplets of water to create a stormy microclimate and manipulate the resulting rainfall and raindrops to attack an opponents bey, weighing them down, altering its direction or throwing it off balance additionally use the water to help Isis maintain its own stamina.

Flooding Yin Dragonisis
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Attack: 12
Defense: 25
Speed: 14
Endurance: 20
Balance: 16
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