Force Emperium 57Track Laser
EL - ForceEmp1
Also Known As Freak Emprium 57Track Lazer (Japanese)
Beyblade Type Balance
Series Beyblade Lego Power Generations
Blader(s) Evan Asagi
First Appearance (Anime) Beyblade Lego Power Generations Episode 22 - Rebirthing Emperium! Diamond Launch!!
First Appearance (Manga) Beyblade Lego Power the Manga ! : A warrior defeated
Special Move(s) Diamond Launch

Force Wind

Energy Layer Force Emperium
Forge Disk 57
Disk Frame Track
Performance Tip Laser

Force Emperium is the bey Evan uses in Generations after something happened.


Emperium has 10 blades in total. It has 5 under and 5 on top for each mode. When the 5 under blades are out, Emperium has a more defensive trajectory and can easily block and/or deflect attacks. While the blades are under, Emperium moves faster and uses barrage attacks for protection. The metal on Emperium is on the upper blades for his offensive mode and has a great amount of power for the shields. There is a metal circle with curved blades on the corners outside of the facebolt. Emperium's blades are a bright red color and made of a plastic material.

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