Frosina is the head of the House of the Blárhakkathi, one of the most prestigious beyblading families in the whole world.

Frosina Einvardottir


Biographical information
Gender Female
Age 24

25 (Plus/R)

29 (Plus/Z)

42 (Season 2)

Current Beyblade(s) Valkyrie Lynx 160ES
Relatives Renaud - Husband

Valentina Sister-in-law

Céleste Sister-in-law

Angus - Brother-in-law

Isolde - Niece

Cherrosée - Nephew

Emile-Lucien - Son

Friends Valentina


Occupation(s) Head of the House of Blárhakkathi
Behind the scenes



Frosina is a soft and voloptuous woman. She has long blonde hair, with soft blue eyes. As a member of a noble house she can afford many dresses, but often prefers to wear comfortable dress in various shades of blue, purple, and green.


She is a kind, caring individual, who cares a great deal for her people, and will go out of her way to attend functions to meet them and give them the time of day. She also cares about her husband, Renaud, and son, Emile-Lucien, to the upmost extent, and shares Renaud's love of weird theories and unrealistic vies, of which she has many of her own.


Valkyrie Lynx 160ES is the beyblade used by Frosina, it is a powerful stamina-type beyblade, modelled after the beys from the Dark History.


As the only daughter of the House of Blárhakkathi, the ruling beyblading house of Iceland, Frosina has been groomed to take over the position of queen once her parents have passed. She was educated at Peacemillion Beyblade Academy, the top school for beyblading in the world. At the academy she was friends with Valentina, the older sister of Renaud and Céleste, and it was through Valentina that she was introduced to Renaud.

Frosina and Renaud married engaged, having a son, Emile-Lucien, and have retiring from beyblading, instead choosing to watch matches, collect Dark History artefacts, and look after their son.

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