Biographical information
Aliases Galahad
Gender Male
Age 17
Past Beyblade(s) None
Current Beyblade(s) Unicorno Spread Jump
Friends Morgan


Lin Menghu

Occupation(s) Student/Model
Behind the scenes

Galahad is a student at Peacemillion Academy, the most prestigious school for bladers in the world.



Galahad is a tall, muscular boy, with blonde hair, in a swept back style, and purple-blue eyes.

Galahad can most often be seen wearing his school uniform.


Galahad is a humourous and affable young man, he enjoys playing pranks in people, known that his good looks will allow him to get out of most trouble. His partner in crime is Morgan, the pair often messing around, occasionally joined by Kaiga.


Galahad battles with Unicorno Spread Jump, the Burst version of a bey he found in a cave.


Galahad grew up in a small apartment complex with his family in London, he found Unicorno in a cave that suddenly appeared while holidaying in Sweden. Growing up the ranks in the youth blading circuit, before being offered a scholarship to Peacemillion Academy, using his work as a model to finance living in the dormitories.

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