Gandora's Palace is a stronghold created by the dark blader Gandora during the Early Era, it served as the base of operations for Doma Orichalcos during the Great War. Located in the Arctic, it consists of a large fortress and town, and many smaller villages and stadiums, all residing on floating islands. Despite being located in the Arctic many of these islands are covered in plant-life such as trees and grass due to the artificial biosphere created by Gandora, which surrounds the stronghold, giving it a tropical atmosphere.

During the later part of the Early Era and the Great War the stronghold was home to the forces of the Orichalcos, where they would live and train, as well as serving as a place for Gandora to conduct forbidden research into Atlantis, as the stronghold being located in such a remote area and under his sovereignty allowed for Gandora to conduct his research with out the outside world knowing about it.

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