God Bey EF150IF is an attack-type Bey used by Likegames. It is mostly black, except for the explosion on the facebolt, and the explosion models sticking out the spin track. Also, the ice models sticking out the spin track are pale, light blue. The cameo beast is a black ghost. It looks somewhat like a black Basalt Horogium from the top. Its evolution is God Blade H:D.

Face Bolt: God Bey

This Face Bolt features an explosion. It is extremely long, and is the only one that fits on God Bey, and it also only fits God Bey. The explosion is printed on.

Energy Ring: God Bey

This Energy Ring is black and circle-shaped, it is thick all around.

Fusion Wheel: God Bey

This Fusion Wheel features a 2 centimeter thick, compact Wheel with 4 small "blades" on the bottom. These "blades" allow it to make a tornado that sucks in power when the move Tornado is used.

Spin Track: Explosion Freeze 150

This Spin Track is the only Track of 150 height. It allows the Special Moves, "Explosion", "Freeze", and "Freezing Explosion", to take effect.

Performance Tip: Infinity Flat

"Infinity Flat". Named so because it can reach infinite speed if the Special Move, "Infinity Speed", is used. It is the best tip for attack, even better than 85BR²FV2.



  • Other Bladers cannot take control of or hijack it.
  • Despite being an attack type, it has a very thick, heavy and compact wheel. It also has a fairly high amount of traction. Due to this, it has powerful defensive qualities.