God Blade H:D is an Attack type beyblade owned by Likegames.

Face Bolt: God Blade

This facebolt has an explosion printed on it, and it is more detailed than God Bey's printed face. It is part metal.

Fusion Wheel: God Blade

This fusion wheel has 2 modes: Blade mode, and Slope mode. In Slope mode, it has slopes for upper attack, that are partly coated with super strong plastic. In Blade mode, it has round blades, much like God Bey's fusion wheel.

Metal Frame

This is a very thick metal frame with 3 "Covering" protrusions.


This has three slopes for slope mode for upper attack, which are partly coated with super strong plastic. For blade mode, it has three "Blades" like God Bey's fusion wheel.

Performance Tip: Hit Defense

This is a tip that can move at infinite speed with an IHF (Infinity Hole Flat) part, but doesn't have much traction, until it is hit, when a TBS (Traction Ball Sharp) tip is extended for a couple seconds then is retracted again to attack. The way it does this is a tank attached to the TBS part full of aerogel, which is lighter than air. Since it has aerogel in it, it may overheat when repeatedly attacked for long enough and predict a possible loss.