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Gravity Helios
Gravity Helios
Gravity Helios is the Dark Bit-Beast of BladePhantom. He is currently, extremely powerful but BladePhantom wishes to make him more powerful by absorbing his opponents' Bit-Beasts. By doing this, he wishes to create the "Ultimate Beast". Helios is sealed within BladePhantom's Blade, Gravity Byxis 145W²D. His evolution is Eclipse Helios .

Attacks/Special Moves/Abilities

  • Gravity Control: Sucks opponents beyblade towards Gravity Byxis ED145W²D.
  • Gravity Quasar: Shoots a blast of Darkness out of Helios' mouth.
  • Gravity Buster: Chest cavity opens and shoots a gaint blast of Darkness/Helios must recharge.
  • Gravity Shield: Summons of field of gravity to gaurd Helios.
  • Gravity Meteor: Creates a giant meteor made of Darkness.
  • Gravity Missles: Launches missles from the pod on Helios' back.
  • Gravity Axis Healer: Heals Helios injuries