Biographical information
Gender Male
Age 24
Current Beyblade(s) Evil Toucan A160HF
Relatives Valentina - Cousin

Renaud - Cousin

Céleste - Cousin

Occupation(s) Nobleman


Behind the scenes
User Reco
First Appeared Beyblade: Zero Era - Episode 22: History Lesson

Haque Lunefleur is a world renown historian, specialising in the Dark History.


Haque is a tall male with purple hair and eyes. He wears a simple outfit, black turtle neck and leather gloves, grey tweed trousers and brown oxford shoes, topped off with a long tan coat.

Underneath the outfit is a mass of horrible looking scarring that covers Haque's chest and shoulders.


On the surface Haque appears to be a polite, considerate individual, with noble attributes and a selfless demeanour, however his true personality is obsessive and careless, obsessed about his ancestors, especially Reco, and is willing to leave people to die in order to fulfil his agenda. While he may be a bad person at heart, he still cares about people, as he informed Renaud about Ramaz Dolsa attacking Prague, and left the others underwater knowing that they could go straight onto land.


Haque battles with Evil Toucan A160HF, a basic balance type bey.


Haque has spent his whole life studying the Dark History, he has performed many experiments, which have left him scarred. He is known around the world for being one of the top researchers on the Dark History, and has a large personal collection of Dark History artifacts, currently in possession of Renaud.

Haque helped Céleste, Hikari, and Kira in their quest to find the swords of the Knights of Concords, during their search they encountered a remnant of the Dark History, the spirit of Dragon E. Knight. When Dragon E. Knight was defeated Haque took his sword and left the girls in the Mystic Spiral base, however later on he called Renaud when Ramaz Dolsa began to attack Prague. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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