Hell Kerbecs BD145CS

Hell Kerbecs BD145CS is Sazuke's Partner bey, it is a very powerful balance type and should never be taken lightly.

Face Bolt: Kerbecs

  • Weight: 1.1 grams

This dispicts Cerberous, a three headed dog also the gate keeper to hell.

Clear Wheel: Kerbecs

  • Weight: 3.6 grams

It is among the heaviest Energy Rings and is red in colour. It is very useful in Defense and Stamina customizations, especially on Hell. Its black and yellow designs represent the chains of Hell. The orange flare parts at the sides of the chains represent fire.

Fusion Wheel: Hell

  • Weight: 39.6 grams
Hell is a multi class metal wheel with very high recoil, this allows this bey to have huge smash attack, despite
having very small slopes, Hell has very powerfull upward smash, and can knock opposing beys over high walls. Hell depicts three dog heads and is 50 millimeters wide. It has great Attack, with good Defense, but top-tier Stamina properties making it one of the best Balance Wheels, Due to Hell's even weight distribution is has a lot of stamina, and can be used effectivley when needed. This version is colored with Gold Paint. Its good in Stamina combos and is probly one of the strongest wheels.

Spin Track: BD145

  • Weight: 8 grams

BD145 is a unique track with a wide width, it has two modes when used with only Hell, these modes serve different purposes, as 'Normal' kills low track attack types, while 'Boost' takes out high attack types, these two modes can also effect the attack power of the bey.

Performance Tip: CS

CS has the ability to use all attack, defense and stamina properties, it also has high speed. When CS gets pushed onto its rubber coating it becomes aggressive, and will become quite fast, also you can launch in various ways to get the best movement out of a CS.

Hell Kerbecs BD145CS Stats

Hell Kerbecs BD145CS's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
130 140 105 230 100

Special Move

Kerbecs Hells Gate - this move reveals a gate to Hell, when opened Chains fly out targeting the opposing beys, and Kerbecs will attempt to breath fire at them.

Dark Delta - this move make the bey glow dark, and corrupts the opposing bey with each hit, lowing its Stamina, and attack power....


  • Kerbecs had 2 of its heads sliced of in a battle with Imperial.
  • Later Sazuke used the DNA of the corrupted Heat Core to heal and make Kerbecs more powerful