Hellwind Equestrion A:D
Dark equestrius back

Hellwind Equestrion A:D is an Ultimate Type bey found by King Hades.

Face Bolt:Equuleus

The Face Bolt depicts "Equuleus". Its name is Latin for 'little horse', a foal.In Greek mythology, one myth associates Equuleus with the foal Celeris (meaning "swiftness" or "speed"), who was the brother of the winged horse Pegasus. The design shows Equestrion's face and its wings are of similar to Big Bang Pegasis wings and 'EQESTRION' imprinted on it.As with other 4D Face Bolts, they are 0.1 grams heavier than the original Face Bolts.

4D Energy Ring:Equestrion

The Energy Ring is similar to Big Bang Pegasis Energy Ring.The only differences they have are: The Equestrion Energy Ring has "clumps" that form the word "Equestrion" and it is heavier than the Big Bang Pegasis Energy Ring.

Fusion Wheel:Hellwind

Hellwind is a two-layered wheel that allows it to switch modes.

Metal Frame

* Weight:36.5 grams

The Metal Frame resembles the Tornado wheel but the difference between the two is that the Metal Frame has 10 jagged edges while the Tornado wheel has 5.



* Weight:20 grams

The Core is almost the same as the Big Bang Pegasis Core,except that it is thicker and larger.By rotating the Core,it can change into 2 different modes,"High Smash Mode" and "Extreme Upper Mode"

4D Bottom:Attack Drive

Attack Drive is a new 4D tip that focuses on Attack.It is one of the 4D bottoms that features a mode-changing gimmick. A:D resembles F:D as both of their heights are exactly the same. Attack Drive features two tips: Hole Flat and a new bottom,Rubber Extreme (Hole) Flat.

When launched,centrifugal force causes the HF tip to eject,having normal attack power. As spin rotation starts to decrease,the HF tip is automatically inserted and what is left is the rubber area of A:D which makes up the Rubber Extreme Flat(RXF) tip. After the switch, Equestrion moves wildly, most of the time circling around the other bey until stamina is lost.It should be noted that its stamina is not that good.


Hellwind Equestrion A:D's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
90 50 90 20 60