Howell is a former World Champion, who is known as Pendragon, he battles with Ifrit Force Unite.

Howell Jenkins
Biographical information
Aliases Pendragon
Gender Male
Age 43
Past Beyblade(s) Phantom Ifrit C145XF
Current Beyblade(s) Ifrit Force Unite (Howell)
Relatives Sophie - Wife

Morgan - Son

Occupation(s) Former World Champion Blader
Behind the scenes


Howell is a thin, medium sized man, he has long mud-brown hair, which he bleaches blonde, tying it back into a ponytail, leaving the front part loose. He has glass-green eyes, and speaks with a Welsh accent.


Howell has the ability to sense bey spirits, and can manifest them, as he often manifests the spirit of Ifrit, which, for his bey, is called Calcifer.


Howell battles with Ifrit Force Unite, a strong attack-type fire bey, and Burst evolution of his old bey Phantom Ifrit C145XF.


Howell was born and raised in a small village in Wales, he met his wife, Sophie, after seeing her on the street in a moment of love at first sight, however they were not properly introduced until she beat him in the local tournament. Howell and Sophie work their way up the tournament scene, Howell winning the World Championship the year after Angus retired, and Sophie winning the year after.

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