Also known as: Hunterm1998
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Imperial Mars ED:D
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 13
Hair color: Black (Normal) Silver (Nova)
Eye color: Brown
Family: None
Friends: Destin, Ed, FastBlade, Remiel, Manaphy12342, HazeShot
Enemies: Sazuke, Hack Xes, Xero Xes, BladePhantom
Occupation: Beyblader
Quote: ""That's what you think""
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos - Chapter 06: The Red Nova

Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos

Hunter is a character and one the Divine Nova's in the series. He is Majorly powerful as to beat a blader without making a hit. His Beyblade is Imperial Mars ED:D. He is nicknamed "The Red Nova". Hunter made his debut appearance (along with Remiel) in Beyblade: Waking the Cosmos - Chapter 06: The Red Nova.


Hunter has large Black, spiky hair and a dark skin tone. He has Black eyebrows and Dark Brown eyes. He wears a sleeveless dark Purple shirt with black gloves cut with holes for his fingers. He appears to wear a silver belt with a yellow object in the centre as well as a holster of some kind. He also wears dark shorts with white lines on them, opened toed shoes and a necklace that is blue and has a "charm" on it while in regular mode and then changes its color to red when Hunter is in Nova mode. His hair turns white when his Divine Nova aura is showing.