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Ice Dragons X:80
A Ice Dragon
Ice Dragons X:80 is a variation and form of Chaos Dragons.

Facebolt: Dragons

This Facebolt shows a Light Blue background with glowing Purple eyes in the middle.

Energy Ring: Dragons

It is shaped like a circle althought it was spikes that poke out just over the Fusion Wheel. They act as a way to slow down opponents, they close and open on command.

Fusion Wheel: Ice

Ice Fusion Wheel has little spikes that pop in and out, used to slow and avoid the opponent.

Spin Track: X

X is a spin track. Now much is known about it. It has blades that rotate inwards and outwards.

Performance Tip: 80

A variation to 90, 80 is a Performance Tip. It is a very rare Performance Tip and takes years to master.

Special Moves

  • Spikes of Frost: Spikes of Frost creates ice spikes around the opposing Bey so that it's movement is limited.
  • Blizzard: Blizzard allows Ice Dragons to move without being seen, also decresing the opposing Bey's stamina.
  • Ice Breaker: Spikes form around Ice Dragons and he rams into the opponent with great force.
  • Frozen Flames: Ice Dragons finishing move, freezing flames encases Dragons and he creates a whirlwind around the opposing Bey, decreasing their stats.