Ifrit Force Unite
Pre-Evolution N/A
Evolution N/A
Owner Morgan
Launcher Burst Launcher (Peacemillion Ver.)

Energy Layer: Ifrit
Ifrit depicts its namesake, a fire demon, it is coloured blue, with green accents. The energy layer is a burst of flame, with Ifrit's head moving across, flames spitting behind it. The part has a gas converter inside, with converts elements in the air into gases which can be combusted by the generator in the Performance Tip.
Forge Disc: Force
Force is a Forge Disk best suited to attack, it is shaped like a ten-armed galaxy, each arm curving back to form a smash point. Between each arm is a vent, through which the energy of the bey is released, in this case, fire. Ifrit's version is unpainted silver.
Performance Tip: Unite
Unite is an unusual Performance Tip, its main feature is a powerful magnetic ring surrounding it, which it uses to draw in opposing beys, "uniting" them. Unite contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. It has a rounded tip, and is of a low height. Ifrit's version is silver.

Fire Fury: Ifrit increases the output of fire from its generator, shooting it from the vents in its Forge Disk, speeding the bey up, and surrounding it in an aura of fire.

Infernal Exceed: Ifrit uses the fire generated by the bey to create a burst of fire, with takes the form of Ifrit's face, Ifirit then throws the fire at the opposing bey.

Inferno: Ifrit Ifrit increases the output of fire from its generator, shooting itself up into the air through the vents in the Forge Disk, as it does, it spreads fire around the stadium.

Special Move
Contract with a Fire Demon: Ifrit fills the stadium with fire, rising out of the bey as it does so. While in the air Ifrit causes the opposing bey to burst into flames, scorching it severely, before shooting fireballs at it.

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