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Beyblade OC - Jaiden
Jaiden Treadwell
Also known as: Jai
Biographical Information
Signature Beyblade(s): Dreigos
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 13 (Beyblade)
14 (Beyblade: V-Force)
15 (Beyblade: G-Revolution)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue-Gray
Family: Nathan Treadwell (Father)
Erika Treadwell (Mother)
Friends: Tyson Granger
Kai Hiwatari
Ray Kon
Max Tate
Hilary Tachibana
Hiro Granger
Enemies: BIOVOLT
Occupation: World-class Blader
Quote: "As a Blader, you learn many things and take it with you your whole life."
Behind the Scenes
First appearance: Bladin’ in The Streets

Jaiden Treadwell (順 • トレッドウェル Jun Treadwell) is one of the deuteragonists in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade, Beyblade: V-Force and Beyblade: G-Revolution. She is a member of the G-Revolutions and the BBA Revolution. Her Bit-Beast and Beyblade is Dreigos.


Jaiden is depicted as having black hair that reaches mid-back and grey eyes and somewhat pale skin.

In the first season, she wore an open whitish-great jacket with short sleeves and a green and black shirt and dark grey jeans. She also had black fingerless gloves and black and blue running shoes that resembled skater shoes.

In V-Force, Jaiden wears a sleeveless black hoodie shirt that is green in the hood with dark grey jeans. She also wears an elbow covering on her left arm and has black fingerless gloves.

In G-Revolution, she wears a sleeveless green shirt with a black collar and a whitish-grey jacket on top and black jeans and black fingerless gloves.


Jaiden has a tomboyish personality which is easily hinted at with her clothing and some of her mannerisms. She is usually very calm and collected and rarely gets angry.

Jaiden has a close friendship with Tyson which developed from their first meeting. She also developed friendships with the rest of her team which is why even when they left, Jaiden did not bear any grudges against them as she understood why they left.

Jaiden takes blading very seriously. When she battles, she never underestimates her opponents and always shows respects towards them.


Jaiden was born in America to Nathan and Erika Treadwell.

When she was six or seven years old, she came to Japan with her family to visit her mother's relatives. One day, she was walking and came across a group of kids beyblading. She came up to them and asked if she could play too and one of the kids, a boy with blue hair, said yes. He introduced himself as Tyson and Jaiden likewise said her name. They had a match and Tyson won. He said that she was a good blader and Jaiden said he was as well. Eventually, an older boy, Tyson's older brother Hiro, came to pick him up and Tyson introduced her to him. Before they left, Tyson asked if they would ever meet again and Jaiden said she hoped they would.

Shortly after her thirteenth birthday, she obtained the the bit beast Dreigos and was offered a spot on the Bladebreakers.


Nathan Treadwell: Jaiden's father who works in America. He is seen in the Japanese version of G-Revolution in Episode 31.

Erika Treadwell: Jaiden's mother who also works in America. She is originally from Japan. She is seen in the Japanese version of G-Revolution in Episode 31.

Tyson Granger: Jaiden has been friends with Tyson since they were six years old and are as close as siblings.

Kai Hiwatari: Initially, Jaiden wasn't close to Kai but eventually became good friends with him. In G-Revolution, it is shown in their second battle that they have a mutual respect for each other.

Ray Kon: Jaiden considers him a good friend. Like with Kai, they have a mutual respect for each other.

Max Tate: Jaiden also considers him to be a good friend. When they first met, Max called her cute.

Hiro Granger: Jaiden met Hiro at the same time she met Tyson. When he was disguised as Jin, she felt that he was familiar. She has a great respect for him.

Tobias: Jaiden's son who appears in the manga. He inherited Dreigos from Jaiden. He mentions that he has a younger sister. His last name along with Jaiden’s is not revealed. He appears in the last chapter battling Tyson's son, Makoto and Kai's son, Gou as well as Ray's daughter Rin.


Beyblade: 2000

Jaiden appeared near the end of the Beyblade Battle Tournament talking to Mister Dickenson about the team and whether or not she should join them. She was not named yet.

She then appeared before the start of the Chinese Tournament and introduced as the new member of the Bladebreakers.

Beyblade: V-Force

After winning the Beyblade World Championships, Jaiden went back home to America. Jaiden is then attacked by a mysterious blader and Jaiden goes back to Japan finds that the other Bladebreakers have also been attacked by other mysterious bladers.

Beyblade: G-Revolution


Jaiden is the same as she is in the anime except that she is introduced earlier on. More of her past is revealed in manga.

In the Beyblade epilogue, Jaiden is married to an unknown and unseen man with a son named Tobias. Jaiden and her son’s last name is not revealed.


Dreigos 2

Jaiden's Bit-Beast Dreigos

Basic System (Spin Gear)

  • Dreigos Striker
  • Dreigos Force

Magnacore System (MG Core)

  • Dreigos Vurst - Vurst Hurricane
  • Dreigos Vurst 2

Engine Gear (EG)

  • Dreigos Gaia

Hard Metal System (HMS)

  • Dreigos Metal Seismic


Opponent Episode Result
Andre Win
Unnamed Blader Win
Gary Win
Gary Loss
Gary Win
Tony Win
Pedro Win
Fernando Win
Frankie Win
Cenotaph No Outcome
Sanguinex and Lupinex Win
Dark Bladers Win
Tala Draw
Kai Hiwatari (tag w/ Tyson, Ray, and Kenny) Loss
Kai Hiwatari (tag w/ Tyson, Ray, and Kenny) Win
Ian Papov Win (Ian loses on purpose)
Beyblade: V-Force
Opponent Episode Result
Beyblade: G-Revolution
Opponent Episode Result
Jin (Tag w/ Tyson) Loss
Anonymous Bladers Win
Kai Hiwatari Loss
Ray & Lee (tag w/ Tyson) Loss
Hiro (tag w/ Tyson) Win
Kai Hiwatari Win (Kai lost on purpose)
Tala Win
Mathilda Win
Julia and Raul (tag w/ Tyson) Loss
Egyptian Blader Win
Rick Anderson Win
Tala Draw
Max Tate Win
Ming-Ming's Band (tag w/ Tyson and Max) Win
Ming-Ming Win


  • In my version of Beyblade, Jaiden replaces Daichi and appears earlier in the series and Strata Dragoon is renamed as Dreigos. Her Seiyū is Reiko Kiuchi and English voice actor is Alyson Court.
  • Jaiden’s birthday is said to be January 13th.
  • Jaiden is the first female blader to appear in the series.
  • Jaiden along with Tyson, are the only members of the Bladebreakers to never temporarily lose a Bit-Beast to someone else in the anime.
  • Ren Kurenai can be seen as the Shogun Steel counterpart of Jaiden.
  • Her bitbeast is the Beyblade version of the occasional fifth sacred beast in the myths of the Four Sacred Beasts, represented by the original four members of the Bladebreakers.