Kai Hasubane(Ha-soo-bah-nay) is the Beyblade form of User:Rapidthehedgehog.

Basic Information

Age: 18

Beyblade: Lightning Dog

Friends: None

Famly: All dead.

Bio: Kai was born rich. That all went away when he was 4. His family was murdered by a mysterious man. As time progressed, he learned about Beyblade. He got his first Bey, Lightning Dog, when he was 10. When Kai turned 14, he went pro and battled Genga and lost. He challenged Genga and finally won, gaining respect from Genga and Genga's friends. When Kai turned 16, he was challenged by Tyson and won. The next day, he was challenged by Ray and won. When Kai turned 17, he was invited to join Genga's gang and accepted the offer. He now is with Genga battling strong Beybladers.


More coming soon!