Kaiga Zabuko
Biographical information
Gender Male
Age 16
Past Beyblade(s) None
Current Beyblade(s) Amaterasu Spread Claw
Friends Morgan



Occupation(s) Student
Behind the scenes

Kaiga Zabuko is a student at Peacemillion Academy, the most prestigious school for bladers in the world.


Kaiga is a skinny boy of below-average height, he has red eyes and blue-ish silver hair.

He can often be seen wearing his school uniform with his signature charm, unbuttoned slightly to reveal the top of his undershirt. Otherwise he wears black jeans, with white sneakers, and a purple t-shirt.


Kaiga is a quiet, modest boy. Especially shy, he can often be found hanging around Morgan and Galahad. Kaiga speaks very quietly, and as such people have trouble hearing him, causing him to have to repeat what he says often.


Kaiga battles with Amaterasu Spread Claw, the Burst version of his family's ancestral bey.


Kaiga was born as the eldest son of a prestigious Japanese family clan, descended from powerful Dark History bladers, his family sought to educate him at the best school possible, so he was sent to Peacemillion Academy, given the family's ancestral bey to use as his own.

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