Kira is a blader, and the younger sister of Hikari, though many people find it hard to believe they are related.

Biographical information
Aliases Kia
Gender Female
Age 16

17 (Plus/R)

21 (Plus/Z)

Past Beyblade(s) Blazing Dragon Shenron
Current Beyblade(s) Blazing Yang Dragonshen
Relatives Hikari - Older Sister
Friends Xiao Des




Enemies Haque

Ramaz Dolsa

Occupation(s) Blader
Behind the scenes
User Kira


Kira is a cute girl with long blonde hair, and green-blue eyes. She wears a school uniform, with a plaid purple and pink skirt, a white shirt, a tan blazer with blue trimming, a light pink bow, black plimsolls, and black knee socks. She also likes to wear a black bow in her hair. 


Kira has a bubbly and outgoing personality. At times she can seem a bit random. She often talks about things like clouds or stars, and even more often food. Kira is both easily excited and easily angered. She tends to exaggerate and be a bit dramatic, but any of her negative traits just play into her cute and extremely likable demeanor and she knows it. Kira is usually good at reading people and because of it makes friends easily. She's nearly always surrounded by an adoring entourage. One of the few times Kira acts serious is during battle. Kira's birthday is May 3.

Kira has the ability to sense Beyspirits.


Kira uses Blazing Yang Dragonshen, a powerful attack-type beyblade of unknown origin.


Kira and her older sister Hikari come from Koonoshima, and island off the coast of Japan. At some point she became employed by the WBBA and is currently helping the global beyblade promotion tour. As of yet, not much else is known of their history.