Kitha is a 15 year old kid that wants to be a good match for Jinga but he needs a lot of traning beforre anything happens. One day he went to see how his skill inproved. Later on that day he went to battle Adam[his

Kitha using his beast inside of his beyblade.

rival].It was a good battle.Kitha used his beast for the frist time during the match. He was excited about that. A few days later he saw this guy. His named is Irko. He was the brother of Kitha Irok was surpise to see his little brother Kitha! They became a tag team called The Brothers of Darkness. So the next day he went to fight Jinga. It was a awsome. This time Jinga still won but they were knock out. Pegasus turned into Rock Pegasus and Kitha's bey turned into Crashing Shatter.It was a good match.
Me your Brotther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitha's brother Irko.