The Knights of Concord are an elite group of Beyblader's who's single goal is peace.

Knights of Concord
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Goals and Ideals

The Knights of Concord are normally recognized as the Knights or Knights for Peace. The Knights stand against war, disorder, curruption and conflict. They symbolize a deturrent and will interveen at any given moment in order to restore order. The Knights have only one enemy, that enemy is conflict.

To Become a Knight

Only the leader Sir Desboy, the honorable Knight of One can deem somebody a knight of concord. To become a Knight you must be among the elite of Beybladers and stand against both justice and injustice conserning opression and or conflict.

To Join the Armed Forces

Simply talk any Knight of Concord or a Soldier (Ranked Earl or Above) to join the Armed Forces. Everyone is to start as an "Ensign" unless a Knight of Four or higher recommends otherwise, anyone can be promoted on the spot and by any Knight of Concord. Soldiers are to recognize soldiers of a higher rank, including Knights as authority and take commands as told. Only Knights can override a command from a fellow soldier.


The Knights of Conord Reside at the Bei-Ling Temple. There each Knight lives along with there personal forces. The Knights normally meet at the Ironically round table. The Bei-Ling fortress is completely impenetrable have the ultimate seal of the Solid Iron wall and only Knights know the code to get in. The Knights have 24/7/365/4000 Surveillance and is always on guard.


Name Dubbed Beyblade Sword
Sir Desboy The Honorable Knight of One Dynasty Xiaolong D:L Salamandra
Sir Nova The Honorable Knight of Three Mars Ultor F:N Celestial Red
Lady Gingka The Honorable Knight of Four Universe Pegasis WW125LS Epic Sword
Sir FB The Honorable Knight of Six Victory Eagle EWD175 RWD
Sir King The Honorable Knight of Seven Xenon Ra R:X Nuke
Sir Titi The Honorable Knight of Nine Hope of Crown KSK Clown I:EW Justice Sword
Sir Fusion The Honorable Knight of Ten Vermillion Helios A:D Drapollo

Second Order of Knights

Name Dubbed Beyblade Sword Sword Power
Xiao Des The Knight of One Exia Xiaolong Salamandra Power to create fire
Hikari The Knight of Two Flooding Yin Dragonisis Justice Heal those with goodwill in their hearts
Céleste The Knight of Three Buster Peacock 100RF Celestial Red Create powerful eruptions
Kira The Knight of Four Blazing Yang Dragonshen Epic Create solar energy
Bao Xingke The Knight of Five Tempest Shen-ying Nuke Create nuclear energy

The other five swords/Keys of Concord are held in the Chamber of Concord in the Bei-Ling Temple for safekeeping.

Armed Forces of Concord

The Armed Forces of Concord are the Knights secondary fighting force comprized of Beybladers throughout the world of fanon. There is no prejudice among entrees aslong as they fight for peace idolized by the Knights.


  • Ensign
  • Rook
  • Duke
  • Bishop
  • Viscount
  • Lancen
  • Earl
  • Grand Duke
  • Honorary Knight



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