“ KOTOHAPPY! I'm glad to be your partner, Kitsune! ”

-Kotone Himeinu - Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu - Episode 7

Kotone Himeinu (姫戌ことね, Himeinu Kotone) is a character in the anime Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu. Her Beyblade is Chaos Kitsune.

She returns in Beyblade Burst Sparking with Enabler Kitsune.

She also has several cameos in Beyblade Burst DB.

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Kotone is a girl with brown hair, pink eyes, and light skin. Her hair is tied up in a back ponytail.

In Chouzetsu, she wears a pink bow in her hair and a pink bandage on her face. She wears a pink sweater with a dark purple crown symbol on it. She wears black shorts which have a pink stripe and long white socks that have dark purple stripes. The shoes she wears are dark brown flats.


Kotone is a girl who is although cute on the outside, is very trickster-like and enjoys pranking people (similarly to her predecessor in Gachi, Pot Hope). She is often filled with self-pride (because of her mother being rich and successful) that she doesn't see where she is going, causing her to trip and fall. There are times where doesn't approve of some of her friends antics, calling them "annoying" and "absurd", like when Aiga and Ranjiro ran off to help Houi, she didn't think it would end well.

Kotone also tends to use the pronoun "jibun" rather than "watashi" or "atashi", but it is unknown why. She is also scared easily and ticklish, which she tries to hide because she doesn't "want to look like an idiot". She is also very tsundere-like as she does not like stating her crush is real, however, most people state that she's a kyoukidere or a kamidere.



Growing up, Kotone would often be studying. Her parents were successful businesspeople, so she was by herself at home often, practising Kendo. She played at the Akatsuki residence and she also visited the playground at times where she played with Fubuki Sumie. At age 7, she moved to China (specifically Chengdu) to stay with her mother. After hearing a lot about Beyblade on television, she decided to take it up, and bought bey parts, but it is unknown what that bey was called. She went to BC Sol for a year and returned to Japan to join the BeyClub and created Chaos Kitsune. Shortly before Chouzetsu, she started the Kendo club for Beigoma Academy.

Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu

Achilles VS Forneus!!

Kotone is introduced when Aiga is looking for the school. He asks her where it is and who she is, but she claims she does not know and says her name is "Emiru Kaibara" (This alias is kept until Fubuki reveals her true name in Open!! Longinus Cup!). She reappears when he is battling the bladers of the Beigoma Academy BeyClub, which leaves her terrified of his power. She runs away, only to bump into Fubuki, Suoh, and Hayao.

The White Tyrant! A Battle Royale!!

She watches the battle between Lui, Aiga, Ranjiro, and Fubuki. She gets terrified of Lui’s strength, but walks away mid-battle as if she was bored of it.

Open!! Longinus Cup!

Kotone is seen practising non-stop after witnessing Lui’s power. When Fubuki is practising, he asks for someone named "Kotone Himeinu" to come, and when she arrives, Aiga and Ranjiro are surprised to see her. She apologizes for deceiving them, and truthfully claims that her real name is indeed Kotone. She later passes the strength test, much to many fans’ surprise, as she has never shown such immense strength.


Chaos Kitsune 10Turn Merge' - Kotone's primary Beyblade in Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu.

Enabler Kitsune Wave 1B - Kotone’s current Beyblade in Beyblade Burst Sparking.

Special Moves

  • Focus Chaos
  • Unjust Chaos
  • Trick Wave
  • Trick Launch
  • Trick Horror
  • Chaotic Slash
  • Chaotic Whip
  • Tear Blast
  • Nightmare Tears
  • Azaela Power
    • Azaela Lumine Power
  • Smash Power
    • Smash Lumine Power
  • Enabler Slash
  • Enabler Whip
  • Hallucination Blast
  • Enabler Shadow
  • Unjust Shadow
  • Sparking Shoot

Official Description

Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu

A rich but silly girl, Kotone Himeinu is a blader who has impressive strength. She learned to blade after watching older members of BC Sol battle. She is currently a member of the Beigoma Academy BeyClub, the founder of the Kendo Club at that school, and she battles with her Chaos Kitsune.

Beyblade Burst Sparking

Good friends with legendary bladers Aiga Akaba and Ranjiro Kiyama, Kotone Himeinu is a girl who loves to battle. She was a member of BC Sol, the president of the academy's student council, and a member of its Kendo club. She returns with her new bey, Enabler Kitsune.


Xia Zhou and Yukito Himeinu

Her mother is a successful businesswoman of a large Chinese company named “Zhou Entertainment“, an entertainment company where Kotone would attend the meetings. Xia would bring Kotone to the meetings to help manage the latter’s discipline and manners. Yukito would homeschool Kotone when he was not working at his job as a manager at the family coffee shop, Spin! Cafe.

Kokoro Shiraishi

Kokoro and Kotone are cousins on the latter’s father’s side and the former’s mother’s side. They are seen together in the coffee shop which their grandparents own.

Fubuki Sumie

Her childhood friend. However, when Kotone moved to China to live with her mother, she was unable to keep playing with him. When she returns to Japan, she joins the BeyClub and coincidentally reunites with him. In Chouzetsu, they appear to be on friendly terms with each other even though Kotone had stopped seeing him for a while. Kotone likes to call him “Fubu-kun”, or “Fubu-nyan” in the English dub. There are times where she calls him "Banana" or "Assistant" (because she begs him for help often).

Fuuka Sumie

Kotone mentions that they both are in a dance club, and she seemingly considers Fuuka the sister she never had. She gets confused on how she and Fubuki are even related.

Aiga Akaba

When they first interact, she avoids him due to her shy nature. However, they start to gain trust with each other and become good friends throughout Chouzetsu. She likes to call him “Aiga-chan”. They still seem to be on friendly terms with each other in Sparking.

Ranjiro Kiyama

She initially did not get along with him because he is the captain of the Wild Bey Gang, but when they start to see how each other are like over time, they become friends. It is shown that their friendship is still kept during Sparking.

Houi Oh

Upon their first interaction, Kotone seemingly showed to have an interest in him, as she finds out that he is an archer. Since he practises archery and she practises Kendo, she asks him for tips on how she can improve her focus. She calls him "Houi-chan" in the Japanese version.

Ryuu Akatsuki

Ryuu and Kotone are childhood friends, although the former is older by a couple of years. They lost touch after Ryuu ran away from home. However, they reunite in Chouzetsu, and battled each other. The battles ended in draws, leaving Kotone frazzled. Kotone likes to call her "Tsuki-chan".

Raviel Morohoshi

Kotone met Raviel in Beigoma Academy where she asked to battle her after seeing her bey, which Raviel accepts. They become good friends and much to Kotone's dismay, Raviel teases her about her crush on Fubuki, which Kotone pranks her for. All jokes aside, they get along greatly and Kotone enjoys calling Raviel "Hoshira-chan" or "Rav-chan" at times.

Aki Hayashi

Kotone first saw Aki on television in Japan and became a huge fan. After meeting her at BC Sol, she got interested in her Filipino heritage and likes to ask her for blading tips, and even enjoys Aki’s cooking. Aki likes to teach Kotone some words in Tagalog (also known as Filipino by Googl-er-Googme). Kotone likes to call her “Aki-sama“, “Aki-sensei“, and even “Aki-chan-sensei“.

Laban Vanot

When they met on the Battleship Cruise, Kotone seemed curious about what his fortunes said. They seem to get along well, and Kotone asked Laban if they could be rivals, which the boy accepted happily.

Xhan Bogard

Kotone initially thought that Xhan was entitled, but after seeing his actions, she grew to warm up to him. When she gets eliminated from the Ghost Ship, he saves her, much to her embarrassment. They are good friends and they have a one-sided Beyblade rivalry on Kotone’s side.

Tokonatsu Aoi

A fellow BeyClub member. She treats him as if he was not the brother of a celebrity and is kind to him, even calling him “Natsu-kun“.

Nika Aoi

Kotone likes teasing Nika about her infatuation with Shu, but Nika teases her back about her crush on Fubuki, much to Kotone’s dismay. She likes to call her “Nika-nii“.

Naru Akaba

Haruka thinks that Naru is responsible and cute, almost like a mini-me. Naru giggles whenever Kotone says something positive about Fubuki, which Kotone gets mad about. However, they are still good friends and Kotone calls her “Nanaru-chan“.


Kotone (ことね): Has no meaning as it is Hiragana. However, in Kanji, as "琴音", it means "harp sound".

Himeinu (姫戌): Can be split into 2 parts. Hime (姫) meaning "princess" and Inu (戌) meaning "dog".


  • "Born in Gifu, raised in China. What else do you need me to say?"
  • "His power is absolutely terrifying..."
  • "Uun...sorry about that..."
  • "Sorry for lashing out like that..fufu~ Your launch position was wrong, here, I'll show you how."
  • "That's the Houi Oh everyone's talkin' about..."
  • "He looks kinda scary while smiling...I understand that he tries but they get scared instead..."
  • "Sh-shut up!!"
  • "Th-thank you...I'm sorry for shouting the other day.."
  • "*giggle*Uh-uh-uun~ I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to giggle!"
  • "Lui is terrifying! I would've dropped out if it wasn't for you guys."
  • "Beys are alive! Don't you get it Tsuki-chan?!"
  • "Hoshira-chan!! What part of Beyblade intrigues you the most?" -Asking Raviel a question.
  • “Saramat! Oopsies, I said it wrong, lemme try again, Aki-sensei!“ -Kotone mispronouncing the Tagalog word “Salamat“ (meaning thank you) when Aki taught her it.
  • “*loud sneeze* Sorry, did I ruin the moment?”
  • “Hoshira-chan likes...Aiga-chan?”
  • “My grandparents own a café right here in Japan! We should go sometime!“
  • "Fufufu~ Too late! You're stuck! *laughs*"
  • "Awh man, I don't like getting a taste of my own medicine! It's more fun to do it on other people!! I can't believe I walked right into my own trap!"
  • "Rya, just give it up already, I won and that's final. Another day, we'll battle."
  • "Happy Birthday Hoshira-chan! Hope you stay safe! I havta keep this short because we're getting a lot of orders on our online app, but Fubu-kun says 'Happy Birthday' too!! Bye bye!" -Kotone in a video message to Raviel for her birthday.
  • "Huh? You don't say 'Happy Birthday' too Fubu? That's awfully rude of you! It's Hoshira-chan's birthday and, hmm, you know what? I'm not going to give you a 'Happy Birthday' message after all, not that you care of course."- Kotone in the post-dialogue of her message to Raviel.



  • Kotone states that she is half-Japanese, half-Chinese.
    • Her mother is Chinese while her father is Japanese.
  • Her Chinese name, Mei (美), has the character "美" which means beautiful. In Japanese, it is read as "Mi".
  • As mentioned earlier, Kotone was born in Gifu.
    • Her Gifu dialect is spoken at times.
  • She has a crush on Fubuki, which she states is minor.
  • Her father taught her kendo, which is most likely why she has sharp attention while blading.
  • Her trickster side may refer to when Kitsunes play tricks on self-absorbed people.
  • She likes sharks, stating they are "cute".
  • She is sometimes seen carrying a kendo stick, although she has never been seen practicing kendo on-screen or in any panel.
  • She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and French, as she has stated several sentences from these languages, such as “Bonjour! Je suis Kotone~“ or “감사합니다!!“ hope that was spelled right).
  • She normally has a high-pitched voice, but uses a mature one when she is serious.
  • She once mentions that her aunt and uncle (on her father’s side, presumably, as she mentions it is in Japan) own a café which she helps out with at times along with her cousins, including Kokoro.
  • She appears in the Korean musical of God, but she never appears in it in the anime and manga.
    • She is portrayed by Ye-won Kim in it.
      • Coincidentally, Kotone's creator shares a birthday with her.
  • Her Zodiac is Aries.
  • She screams "KOTOHAPPY!" whenever she gets excited.
  • Kotone knows how to play bass guitar.
  • She's bad at dancing.
  • She can only cook basic foods, she once almost burned down her house.
    • However, she is spectacular at baking.
  • She wishes she had an older sister, a figure she can look up to.
  • She thinks that Bael and Drum have the most odd names.
    • She doesn't get why Drum is named after an instrument.
    • She doesn't understand why Bael has a European-sounding name.
  • She likes the name "Maya" but it is unknown why.


  1. The outfits were created using this link :> I would've drawn something but my mom took my phone so yeah- https://picrew.me/image_maker/338224

Character Messages


"Hi guys!! Koto-chan here!! I'm sorry you had to see those unholy words on my page, but Fubu-nyan helped me figure everything out! I heard a friend of Rya-chan's page was also vandalized, so I want to tell you that vandalism isn't funny or cool. It's ruining work that other people worked so hard on and it's unfair. I hope you all stay safe! See you in DB!!"

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