Kylo Jetscreen is a right-spinning attack type bey used by Jek Corimi, the world champion.

Kylo Jetscreen Switch Overload
Also Known As Kylo Jetstreem


Beyblade Type Attack
Series Beyblade Lego Power Strike
Blader(s) Jek Corimi

Evan Asagi[1]

First Appearance (Anime) Beyblade Lego Power Strike - Episode 10: Champion! Jek Corimi!!
First Appearance (Manga) Beyblade Lego Power the Manga ! : The Blader from Hell ! Jek Corimi!!
Special Move(s) Undercross Claw
Energy Layer Kylo Jetscreen
Forge Disk Switch
Performance Tip Overload

Energy Layer - Kylo Jetscreen

Jetscreen is a square-shaped top with 3 short triangular blades on the ends and one long blade which depicts the eye of Jetscreen which will flash in battle, contains an adjustable generator which attunes itself to the element of the bey, a spring mechanisem which allows it to rebound off the walls and send the opponent higher using Undercross Claw. Inside the layer, Jetscreen has a raised part in which level chips or discs can be inserted, Jetscreen also has a golden energy chip with a mini triple saber in the form of Jek's customized J.

Forge Disc - Switch

The Switch is a thick disc. It contains a switch gimmick which allows the user to change hight. The switch also contains rubber blades and high burst resistance. It is made of metal.

Performance Tip - Overload

The Overload is a bigger tip with a crystal bottom made of diamond. Jek customized his with a spring loaded circle above the crystal, which is a yellow-ish color, he has a bladed generator, he says "No one gonna touch my generator. Not even my friends!!". The overload has curved sides that slope the tip.


Due to Jetscreen has a thick spring mechanisem and its moveable tip part,

As such, Jetscreen is recomended for bladers who are itching for competition.




  1. Evan Asagi borrows Jetscreen for a battle against Enzo Fenice